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    I, having being an adult playing member of Droitwich Golf Club for not less than six months, support the above application for membership and confirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information given in this application is correct. I consider the applicant to be a fit and proper person to be admitted to membership of Droitwich Golf Club. I am aware that in supporting this application I accept responsibility for ensuring that the applicant is aware of The Rules of Golf and the etiquette of the game as described in the rules. I understand that it is my responsibility, if the applicant joins the club, to ensure that he/she is properly introduced into the club, is made aware of the required standards, including dress, which must be observed both on and off the course and understands the need to be aware of notices posted in the clubhouse and on the course.
    I accept that I may be held responsible by The General Committee for any serious breach of Club Rules or etiquette attributable to the applicant during the first twelve months of his/her membership.